Oh snap, we got On Tap!

So I'm a few weeks behind, but we just attempted to do the Grand Opening of On Tap! A new lot on the east side of Bend that serves grrrrrrreat beer, cider, kombucha AND 6 different food trucks and an Ice Cream Truck :D 

Our attempt to do the Grand Opening was April 28th. Boy, Bend couldn't have picked a better day to ruin. There was lightning and thunder and massive wind that just wouldn't give us a break. That's one thing that makes outdoor events very hit or miss. 

Eric and Laura were great to work with. We rescheduled and booked Mother's Day since we were open and not all was lost. 

Mother's Day at On Tap was a HIT!!! Super cool moms out with their kids and enjoying the games, or grass and best part, the sunshine! Cool breeze because even on nice days we battle the wind.

Now outdoors is really not my thing. Especially without a wall. If we're out in the open, I'm most likely going to rethink your event hard, because it's really hard to keep props on the table, the backdrop from falling, and you get a good wind gust  and it'll kick up dirt or blow over the booth. No one will have a fun time, and I think it's best to be clear about that, because the point of having a photo booth (in my opinion, I could be wrong) is to have FUN! 

We totally got lucky. The moms all over had a blast, and that day was by far the better outside days I've had with the booth for a long time. So kudos to all the mommas/ mommacitas out there getting their fun on with their kids, living up that Bend life, and just soaking up the sunshine. We definitely celebrate you and all the hard work you do for your family!