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Why Hire Dashoots Photobooth?

Because Even George Zimmer Says,“You’re Gonna Like The Way You Look, I Guarantee It.”


   Okay, I'm kidding about him saying that about us. What I'm not kidding about is the stress that goes into planning an event. Why add a DIY photo booth into the mix, or even risk not having a booth at all?!

   Non-Profits are a lot of work- why not showcase your hard work by branding with us! Or have your sponsors hire us so we can market your biggest supporters!  It's a win-win! We strive to capture the inner child in you, the candid, and the elegant. After all, those events don't happen all the time, we look good right now, next year we may not look so fresh- Let's just keep it real; we'll capture your memorable moments today! You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it!

Cancellation Policy:
We unfortunately cannot give back non-REFUNDABLE retainers, because that time was slotted for you we have turned other clients away.
Please view our terms & conditions, and refunds for more details on our policies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.