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Why Hire Dashoots Photobooth?

Reliable. Fun. Memorable!

We honor your choice in choosing Dashoots Photobooth; we go above and beyond with our time, prop selection, and exceptional customer service!


    Non-Profits are a lot of work- why not showcase your hard work by branding with us! Or find sponsors to hire us for you. We can market your biggest supporters while supporting your organization!  It's a win-win! 

We strive to capture the candid and the elegant. Your hard efforts should be blasted all over social media, and that’s why the photo booth industry amplifies your mission which in turn helps bring in more supporters.

Cancellation Policy:
We unfortunately cannot give back non-REFUNDABLE retainers, because that time was slotted for you we have turned other clients away.
Please view our terms & conditions, and refunds for more details on our policies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.