The Fine Print...

**Dashoots Photobooth is not responsible for setting up on the day of the event if payment is not made in full by the day before.

**Contracts ensure both parties are communicating effectively. We try to avoid hairy he said she said discussions- writing helps kickstart our brains and therefore we highly encourage our contracts to be signed 30 days prior to an event.

**Last minute bookings (must be no sooner than 12 hours prior to event operational time) need to pay full balance before Dashoots Photobooth provides any services. Please correspond via phone, and not by email. 

**Add On Services, Orders, or Upgrades: Anything not listed in our contract description is considered an add-on. If our clients wish to add any services, orders, or upgrades after a signed contract, the modification must be in writing and signed by all parties, and fees will be assessed accordingly.