Eternal Love: Memories-Cherish-Love

I don't think I ever expected to do a photo booth event like this one. Just upon arriving back we were hired to surprise the Groom and Bride by the Groom's brother. His story is truly one I'll never forget. The groom in his thirties was diagnosed with cancer and given about 18 months. When Mark took on this client he had two months to live and the family wanted to hire us for this special wedding. 

A week prior to the wedding, I reached out to our clients regarding template designs and wanted to wrap up the perfect look for them. It was some time later my client responded that her brother-in-law just passed and the family was processing. 

My heart completely sunk. My father passed away just at the turning age of 38, and this young man was 36. It's just unfair. I wanted to back away, give them their space and send out a refund, but to my surprise the family wanted to continue with the services and create a special celebration of life! 

I'm trying to keep it together, but death is so hard! My heart is sensitive, even though I never got to meet this Groom, I can tell by his family how lovely he must have been. We met so many of the family and friends left behind. And as we wake up the next day, I'm reminded of how lucky we are to have such amazing people cross our paths- each one with their own story, their own inspiration. As we said our goodbyes to the family, the father of the Groom passed along three Sunflowers (which are my FAVORITE flower) and asked us to remember his son tomorrow. I shared I would always remember this event & his son. He told us in his own wisdom, shared grief is spared sorrow. I like that and will hold space for his son's memory for years to come!

I'm truly moved by my business. I don't think we have typical paths cross us often, and each contact we have with each other is something very unique and special. This wedding/celebration of life & birthday will be about, Cherished Memories & Love. 

May the groom rest in peace & the family always hold onto the memories of a great soul.

May the groom rest in peace & the family always hold onto the memories of a great soul.

Rachel Shelton