Ceilidh 2018

Last year, I had a friend who introduced the idea of doing a photo booth for the Ceilidh event. The committed had such a fun time they had no problem asking for us to do it again this year. 

So what is this weird name, and how do you even pronounce it!?!

It took me a moment to pronounce it, but even after a year, the spelling had to be triple checked.

Ceilidh is a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling- the Ladies Invitational call this event their Ceilidh. 

You can of course google it and then listen to the sound, but for time it's pronounced, "Kay-lee."

I read up on the name some time ago on Urban Dictionary (I'd say spend a couple of minutes and read there, it's funny) and even thought, "this such a pretty name, and cool spelling" except for the kids that wrote in their comments below and shared their miserable stories. I think as we get older we try to find something unique and unfortunately we want to preserve that by naming our children with whatever it is we want to preserve. Doesn't always work out well for the kids.

I laughed reading their comments, but it would be miserable trying to explain Ceilidh to someone, don't you think? I mean after, how did you first try to say the name? 

Here at the Ladies invitational we always have a good time. The ladies are fun and lively as ever, they have way more energy than I do most of the time. This year the weather was more on the warm side but still great being at Tetherow and the views are always breathtaking. 

Their coordinator is simple and easy going to work. Almost all the ladies were there with the exception of one for sure, my friend who was out in Africa taking amazing photos; I recognized almost all of them, some from their attempts to show their shoes in the photos last year!!!  I love that they LOVE showing off their shoes! 

Anyway- Ceilidh an event that I will always enjoy, one because of the people, but mostly because of the name and how it flusters most of us when we see the name. Ha!

Until next year!

Rachel Shelton