Fall into Wedding Season!

Well, wedding season is full bloom right now. What an incredible time, the air has FINALLY cleared up and therefore we all can enjoy the fresh air and blue skies all over again. Maybe even rays of yellows and reds as the season now changes…I love fall!

We participated in the Cascade Wedding Show (can’t believe that we’re almost done with 2018), and the last two of our clients were on Sept. 1st, and Sept. 8th; freeing up some time for fall marketing! And the start of a new project!

Shepherd's Field.jpg

We did the Sept. 1st wedding out at Shepherdsfield, Sister’s Oregon. I can’t rave enough about the spectacular views, and the accommodations John and his family provides. They give up their entire house to the bride & groom parties if the guests desire a place to sleep. Of course it’s included in their rates, but still, you can’t beat the views, nature, and the comfort of having your wedding, reception, and lodging all at the same place!

Lori & Jordan were coming down from Washington, so their group wasn’t very big. I always enjoy smaller groups, because we’re able to meet the family and get to know the friends and it’s as if we’re more than just a vendor.


At the end of the evening, Lori’s dad had come up to us sharing his truths about in the beginning, he didn’t think much about having a photo booth. The concept didn’t appeal to him. But once he participated he knew right away it was the right choice for their daughter’s wedding. The reception wouldn’t have been as special as it was without us, he mentioned his gratitude as we packed up-

It was such a great compliment. It’s hard to tell people who are on the fence about hiring us, that it’s truly one of the greatest investments…without sounding bias.

You’re going to want to have a photo booth at your wedding, because what we do is special, and fun; in the end people walk away with memories they’ll treasure forever! How do we tell people? Through our photos.

Sept. 8th-

The Prinzing Wedding was set in such a beautiful landscape. It allowed a moment in time to stand still and just take everything in; We came out to Rock Springs Ranch and started setting up right away. Given our last wedding dilema with the wind, we came with more tools to help us should we need it. Luckily, this venue was just perfect in elements, and climate. What I always enjoy with our clients is their pick of the venue. It shows how unique we all are! I know sometimes money plays a role in which venue people take, but some of it just happens to be that venue because it’s subconsciously says something about us that we connect too.

I thoroughly enjoy all venues. I’m an Aries, and I love change of scenery. The drive here was beautiful, and our set up was well protected from any wind elements, and sunlight. I think photos of venues portray an enjoyable environment, and the reality is often times, wind, sun, and maybe snow depending on the time of year, make it other than enjoyable. Luckily for us, we came prepared and we had a wall outside that faced north and therefore all our concerns with the outside elements melted away!!!


Our bride and groom were such a pleasure to work with- we met Cheyenne at the wedding expo in Central Oregon. Nine months later they’re entering a new chapter together. Time is extremely fast and so much happens without us noticing. So when you hire a photo booth you’re also hiring a time machine, snapping moments in time that you wouldn’t normally have from any other angle.

We couldn’t have been more pleased with our evening at Rock Springs Ranch entertaining Cheyenne & Brandon, and their incredible family & friends. Thank you for choosing Dashoots Photobooth and we wish you all the best!

Rachel Shelton