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Photo booths are ever so popular. Why is having a photo booth a BIG deal? Because we’re living in a technological era where without social media, your message won’t get out there-

Dashoots Photobooth is here to help!


You’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it

Photo booths not only make you look AMAZING, but they share with social media your FUN, meaningful event.

Dashoots Photobooth is a reliable photo booth company that won’t settle for less. Our aim is to make your event a success with our photo booth! Be the talk of the town, and have high quality photos using our DSLR cameras.

We strive to capture the candid, and the elegant, but our main goal, is to have fun!


Cancellation Policy:
We unfortunately cannot give back non-REFUNDABLE retainers, because that time was slotted for you we have turned other clients away.
Please view our terms & conditions, and refunds for more details on our policies. Thank you in advance for your understanding.